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1. Are tastings part of a Vine Line tour?

A: We offer transportation only to the wineries. Any wine purchased is up to our individual customers.


2. Can we bring a cooler with us?

A: Small coolers are fine on the van, just no outside alcohol permitted. Also, be aware that not all wineries will allow coolers.


3. Is there a stop for lunch?

A: All our Lines are constructed with a designated stop for food. This could be at a winery that has a restaurant or at a separate stop for sandwiches or a sit-down lunch.


4. We have small dogs. Are they allowed on your vans?

A: Unfortunately not. We are dog lovers ourselves but we cannot allow them on our vans. Not only can they be a potential disruption to other customers but also not all wineries allow dogs.


5. Can we drink on the vans?

A: We do not allow drinking on our vans. Besides the insurance ramifications, we also do not want to become a “party bus”. There are wine tours that do allow drinking onboard but that type of service is not welcome at many of our local wineries.


6. My husband is not into wine. Can we bring some beer along?

A: Please don’t. We will not carry any outside alcohol. There would be no place to drink it anyway since it wouldn’t be allowed in the wineries. That said, many if not most of our wineries offer beer as well from our local craft breweries.


7. How long does is a day on the Line? We have restaurant reservations at 6pm and want to make sure we’re back.

A: We leave you at each winery for about an hour. When you total that up with the travel time and a stop for food, you will spend anywhere from 5.5 to 6.5 hours out on in wine country depending on the Line.


8. We want to spend extra time at one of the wineries on your Line. Can we do that?

A: Not usually. We run all our Lines on a schedule. We use the time when you are at each stop to move another group. If you want to delay, it will impact other customers both on your van and other groups on the Line. If you happen to be the only group on your van and on the Line that day, you can address that with your driver and see if there’s some flexibility.


9. Do we need to make reservations at the wineries?  Also,can you tell me the prices for a tasting at each winery?

A: No need to make reservations. We do that automatically for you since we know when you'll get to each winery. Tastings vary as you would expect. We don't have a comprehensive list of each winery's offerings but anywhere from $8 to $14 would be a good ballpark estimate.

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